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Wake Up Weekend

Wake Up Weekend

Yoga Retreats & So Much More

Upcoming Destination: 

Montgomery, Texas

Imagine what you could discover, manifest, and become if you spent an extended weekend away with cutting-edge tools, healing your past and awakening to your magnificence.

Give Yourself the Gift

Testimonial from a Soul Sister

Wake Up Weekend - Destination K'Gari - Great Sandy Straits, Qld Australia

Refresh your Spirit

Close your eyes and take a deep breath with your Soul-Sisters …

Relax in luxurious surroundings, soaking in Mother Nature’s exquisite beauty, restoring peace, and harmony within, and replenishing your vitality with delicious, organic, nourishing meals  …  All Made with Love 

Release Limiting Beliefs

Discover and transform the persistant obstacles that have been holding you back with certified facilitators.
Feel the lightness of body and mind as patterns are released, opening within you a fresh space for creation and manifestation.

Refocus your Mind

Experience groundbreaking, evidence-based tools for aligning your mindset to become the most radiant, fulfilled, and loving version of Yourself.  Awaken to the inner workings of your mind, learn how to interrupt your thoughts, boost your mood,and uplift your frequency.

Reframe your World

Arrive home empowered and equipped to embrace your Whole and Worthy Self, and the Abundant Life you Deserve. Savor and celebrate the ease and flow of an expanded world where anything is possible for you.

This journey is
for you

You want to be in the Flow of Abundance, and your affirmations and manifestation tools are not delivering results. 

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Upcoming Events
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Booking Now


Booking Now

You're Invited

You're Invited

Wake Up Weekend Women's Wellness Fall Retreat - Montgomery Texas
Oct 11, 3:00 PM CDT – Oct 15, 2:00 PM CDT
White Eagle Lodge,
2615 St Beulah Chapel Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316, United States


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PHONE NUMBER: +1 512-348-8362

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